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Table of Contents
Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis
Paolo Ceravolo, Barbara Russo, Rafael Accorsi
Front Matter
Discovery of Frequent Episodes in Event Logs
Maikel Leemans, Wil Aalst
Finding Suitable Activity Clusters for Decomposed Process Discovery
B. Hompes, H. Verbeek, W. Aalst
History-Based Construction of Alignments for Conformance Checking: Formalization and Implementation
Mahdi Alizadeh, Massimiliano Leoni, Nicola Zannone
Dynamic Constructs Competition Miner - Occurrence- vs. Time-Based Ageing
David Redlich, Thomas Molka, Wasif Gilani, Gordon Blair, Awais Rashid
Trustworthy Cloud Certification: A Model-Based Approach
Marco Anisetti, Claudio Ardagna, Ernesto Damiani, Nabil El Ioini



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