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Table of Contents
Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis
Paolo Ceravolo, Rafael Accorsi, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
Front Matter
The Effect of Noise on Mined Declarative Constraints
Claudio Ciccio, Massimo Mecella, Jan Mendling
Towards Collecting Sustainability Data in Supply Chains with Flexible Data Collection Processes
Gregor Grambow, Nicolas Mundbrod, Jens Kolb, Manfred Reichert
Handling Environment for Publicly Posted Composite Documents
Helen Balinsky, David Pérez
Enabling Non-expert Users to Apply Data Mining for Bridging the Big Data Divide
Roberto Espinosa, Diego García-Saiz, Marta Zorrilla, Jose Zubcoff, Jose-Norberto Mazón
Combining Semantic Lifting and Ad-hoc Contextual Analysis in a Data Loss Scenario
Antonia Azzini, Ernesto Damiani, Francesco Zavatarelli
Comparative Process Mining in Education: An Approach Based on Process Cubes
Wil Aalst, Shengnan Guo, Pierre Gorissen



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