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Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis
Wil Aalst, John Mylopoulos, Michael Rosemann, Michael Shaw, Clemens Szyperski, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Paolo Ceravolo, Dragan Gašević (Eds.)
Front Matter
A Lightweight RDF Data Model for Business Process Analysis
Marcello Leida, Basim Majeed, Maurizio Colombo, Andrej Chu
Combination of Process Mining and Simulation Techniques for Business Process Redesign: A Methodological Approach
Santiago Aguirre, Carlos Parra, Jorge Alvarado
Improving Business Process Models Using Observed Behavior
J. Buijs, M. Rosa, H. Reijers, B. Dongen, W. Aalst
Process Prediction in Noisy Data Sets: A Case Study in a Dutch Hospital
Sjoerd Spoel, Maurice Keulen, Chintan Amrit
Towards Automatic Capturing of Semi-structured Process Provenance
Andreas Wombacher, Mohammad Huq
Managing Structural and Textual Quality of Business Process Models
Jan Mendling



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