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Product Lifecycle Management. Green and Blue Technologies to Support Smart and Sustainable Organizations
Osiris Canciglieri Júnior, Frédéric Noël, Louis Rivest, Abdelaziz Bouras
Front Matter

Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Circular Economy and Information Technologies and Services

Impacts of the Sustainable Automotive Chain: Faced with the Perspective of Electromobility in Consolidated Markets in Germany, United States and Japan
Edson Luiz Haluch, Osiris Junior Canciglieri Canciglieri, Carlos Sampaio
A Comparative Study on Material Selection for Designing an Electric Last Mile Vehicle for Parcel Delivery
J. Carlos Rodriguez-Tenorio, Vicente Borja, Arturo Treviño Arizmendi, Alejandro C. Ramírez-Reivich
Methodology for Commodity Cost Estimation Through Production Line Analysis and Simulation
Alberto Faveto, Francesco Serio, Vincenzo Lunetto, Paolo Chiabert
Conceptual Design Methodology for Knitted Fabrics
Carla Estorilio, Ronaldo Rodrigues, Ariana Fagan, Carlos Cziulik
Management of Laser-Cut Sheet-Metal Part Using Collaborative Robots
Paolo Chiabert, Khurshid Aliev
Financial Assistance in a Capital-Constrained Cellphone Supply Chain
Song-Man Wu, Félix Chan, S. H. Chung
Analysis and Modeling the Intersection of Design for X Techniques, Business Strategies and Product Life-Cycle Management
Abla Chaouni Benabdellah, Kamar Zekhnini, Imane Bouhaddou, Asmaa Benghabrit
Methodology to Enhance the Lifetime of Mechanical System by Utilizing Parametric Accelerated Life Testing
Seong-Woo Woo, Dennis L. O’neal, Yimer Mohammed
Sustainable Software Engineering: An Empirical Study of the Brazilian Financial Sector
Ana Souza, Sheila Reinehr, Andreia Malucelli

Green and Blue Technologies

Digital Management of Large Building Stocks: BIM and GIS Integration-Based Systems
Mattia Mangia, Mariangela Lazoi, Giovanna Mangialardi
Requirements and Barriers in the Process of Food Export from Brazil to Europe
Ligia Franzosi, Carla Estorilio
Managing New Product Development in the Fashion Industry with PLM: Based on Market Classifications
Brendan Patrick Sullivan, Monica Rossi, Sameer Athavale, Virginia Fani, Bianca Bindi, Luca Ferraris, Romeo Bandinelli, Sergio Terzi
The Repurchase Intention of Organic Food: Comparison Between a Theoretical and a Nested Model
Luciene Eberle, Gabriel Sperandio Milan, Felippe De Farias, Ana Paula Graciola, Suélen Bebber
Resilient Sustainable Supplier Selection Criteria Assessment for Economics Enhancement in Industry 4.0 Context
Ghita Chaouni Benabdellah, Karim Bennis, Abla Chaouni Benabdellah, Kamar Zekhnini
Selection of Abandoned Areas for Implantation of Solar Energy Projects Using Artificial Neural Networks
David Franco, Maria Steiner

AI and Blockchain Integration with Enterprise Applications

Barriers of Blockchain Technology Adoption in Viable Digital Supply Chain
Kamar Zekhnini, Anass Cherrafi, Imane Bouhaddou, Abla Chaouni Benabdellah, Rakesh Raut
Data-Driven Framework for Electrode Wear Prediction in Resistance Spot Welding
Luigi Panza, Giulia Bruno, Manuela De Maddis, Franco Lombardi, Pasquale Russo Spena, Emiliano Traini
Anomaly Detection in Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain: An Ontological Approach
Tahani Abu Musa, Abdelaziz Bouras
InnoCrowd, An AI Based Optimization of a Crowdsourced Product Development
Indra Kusumah, Clotilde Rohleder, Camille Salinesi
Applied Artificial Intelligence: Risk Mitigation Matters
Norbert Jastroch
Smart Contracts Implementation Based on Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers
Bajeela Aejas, Abdelaziz Bouras, Abdelhak Belhi, Houssem Gasmi
Blockchain-Based Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Using HyperLedger Fabric
Houssem Gasmi, Abdelhak Belhi, Assam Hammi, Abdelaziz Bouras, Belaid Aouni, Ibrahim Khalil
Comparative Evaluation of Product and Service Solutions in the Context of Product-Service Systems and Technical Inheritance
Jannik Alexander Schneider, Wieben Scheidel, Johanna Wurst, Iryna Mozgova, Roland Lachmayer
Sequencing Through a Global Decision Instance Based on a Neural Network
Thomas Dasbach, Johannes Olbort, Felix Wenk, Reiner Ander

PLM Maturity, PLM Implementation and Adoption within Industry 4.0

Enabling Collaborative Lifecycle Engineering of Smart Products and Services by an Adaptive Innovation Infrastructure
Sven Forte, Tobias Ehemann, Kevin Wiegand, Jens C. Göbel
Review of PPX Business Models: Adaptability and Feasibility of PPX Models in the Equipment Manufacturing Industry
Veli-Matti Uski, Prasanna Kumar Kukkamalla, Hannu Kärkkäinen, Karan Menon, Sameer Mittal, Muztoba Ahmad Khan, Thorsten Wuest
Building Bridges: Development of a Redlining Interface Between VR and PDM
Carsten Seybold, Jörn Zühlke, Kevin Robert Wrasse, Frank Mantwill
Maturity Models and Cost Justification for PLM: A Case Study in the Plant Engineering Industry
Philipp Pfenning, Hannes Christian Eibinger, Clotilde Rohleder, Martin Eigner
Evaluating the Maturity of MBE Application
Angelo Corallo, Vito Del Vecchio, Angela Luperto, Manuela Marra
User Experience of PLM-Systems Analysis of the Current State of Research
Steck Philipp, Nyffenegger Felix

Industry 4.0 and Emerging Technologies

Improving Design of Enabling Collaborative Situation Based on Augmented Reality Devices
David Baslé, Frédéric Noël, Daniel Brissaud, Valérie Rocchi
Systematic for Process Improvement Using Cyber-Physical Systems and Toyota Kata
Raphael Odebrecht de Souza, Helio Aisenberg Ferenhof, Fernando Antônio Forcellini
Manufacturing Execution System as an Integration Backbone for Industry 4.0
Luiz Durão, Hannah Mcmullin, Kevin Kelly, Eduardo Zancul
Challenges to Asset Information Requirements Development Supporting Digital Twin Creation
Yu Chen, Julie R. Jupp
Industry 4.0 for PLM in Pandemics: Towards a Smart Digital Agile PLM
Mariam Moufaddal, Asmaa Benghabrit, Imane Bouhaddou
Towards a New Society: Solving the Dilemma Between Society 5.0 and Industry 5.0
Marco Dautaj, Monica Rossi


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