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Table of Contents
Creative Solutions for a Sustainable Development
Yuri Borgianni, Denis Cavallucci, Stelian Brad, Pavel Livotov
Front Matter

Inventiveness and TRIZ for Sustainable Development

An Ideality-Based Map to Describe Sustainable Design Initiatives
Lorenzo Maccioni, Yuri Borgianni
Sustainable Digitalization: A Systematic Literature Review to Identify How to Make Digitalization More Sustainable
Pasqualina Sacco, Elena Rangoni Gargano, Alessia Cornella
Nature-Inspired Principles for Sustainable Process Design in Chemical Engineering
Mr Mas’udah, Sandra Santosa, Pavel Livotov, Arun Prasad Chandra Sekaran, Luchis Rubianto
Comparative Analysis of Methods for Identifying Opportunities for Reusing Solid Waste
Roberta Araújo, Marco Carvalho
TRIZ Evolution Trend-Based Public Service Innovation for Enhancing Social Participation of Life Garbage Classification
Ching-Hung Lee, Li Li, Peng Zhong
Concept Design of Appropriate Technology Based on Circular Economy for Sustainable Development Inferred from Korea Traditional Heating System
Sehoon Cho
Sustainability in Yacht and Vessel Design Through Smart Spaces: Opportunities Offered by Digital Technologies and New Materiality
Giuseppe Carmosino, Arianna Bionda, Andrea Ratti
Hybrid Heat Pump Systems as a Possible Solution for the Energy Transition Towards Sustainable Heating Systems for Buildings
Erica Roccatello, Alessandro Prada, Marco Baratieri

TRIZ, Intellectual Property and Smart Technologies

Identify New Application Fields of a Given Technology
Matteo Spreafico, Davide Russo
Extraction and Modeling of Chinese Patent Information for Technical Advancement Evaluation
Yin-Di Sun, Guo-Zhong Cao, Chang Gao, Wen-Dan Yang, Wei-Pei Han, Kang Wang
Concept Extraction Based on Semantic Models Using Big Amount of Patents and Scientific Publications Data
Vasilii Kaliteevskii, Arthur Deder, Nemanja Peric and Leonid Chechurin
Automatic Extraction of Potentially Contradictory Parameters from Specific Field Patent Texts
Daria Berdyugina, Denis Cavallucci
Patent Specialization for Deep Learning Information Retrieval Algorithms
Denis Cavallucci, Guillaume Guarino, Ahmed Samet
Patent Data Driven Innovation Logic: Textual Pattern Exploration to Identify Innovation Logic Data
Simon Dewulf, Peter Childs
Patent Intelligence Analysis to Support Technology Roadmap on the Sector of Renewable Energy
Giacomo Bersano, Matteo Spreafico

TRIZ: Expansion in Breadth and Depth

Matrix 2022: Re-imagining the Contradiction Matrix
Darrell Mann
Improving the Construction of RCA+ contradiction Trees
Tom Vaneker, Sascha Laoh
Indicating and Assessing Quality Criteria for Cause-Effect Models
Jerzy Chrząszcz
Application of an FMEA Based Method to Prioritize the Initial Problem Choices in Inventive Design
Masih Hanifi, Hicham Chibane, Remy Houssin, Denis Cavallucci
TRIZ Application for Digital Product Design and Management
Vasilii Kaliteevskii, Matvey Bryksin, Leonid Chechurin
A Reasoned Evolutionary Study on the Actual Design of Farm Tractors
Marco Bietresato, Fabrizio Mazzetto
TRIZ Contradiction Modelling in Family Business Succession Process Management: Quantitative Approach with an Application of Grey Incidence Analysis
Joanna Majchrzak, Ewa Więcek-Janka
A Pioneering Project on Laser Pyrolysis Based Entirely on TRIZ
Nicola Frigo, Davide Russo, Riccardo Degl’innocenti, Christian Spreafico, Paolo Peri

TRIZ, Data Processing and Artificial Intelligence

Element Variation Innovation Thinking: A Method of Simplifying and Reorganizing TRIZ
Lijie Feng, Yuxiang Niu, Jinfeng Wang, Yinuo Chen, Zhenfeng Liu, Kang Li
Method for Formulation, Selection and Application of Elementary TRIZ Inventive Principles for Automated Idea Generation
Pavel Livotov
Replicating TRIZ Reasoning Through Deep Learning
Xin Ni, Ahmed Samet, Denis Cavallucci
Bringing Together Engineering Problems and Basic Science Knowledge, One Step Closer to Systematic Invention
Omar Boufeloussen, Denis Cavallucci

TRIZ Use and Divulgation for Engineering Design and Beyond

TRIZ-Based Remodeling of Multiple True-False Questions
Ashley Soosay, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer
Pedagogical Approaches and Course Modality Affecting Students’ Self-efficacy and Problem-Solving Attitudes in a TRIZ-Oriented Course
Harshika Singh, Hannah Nolte, Niccolo Becattini
Facilitation of a Creative Culture Through the Implementation and Initial Evaluation of a TRIZ Course Within an Organisation
Tony Tanoyo, Jennifer Harlim, Iouri Belski
Main Parameters of Value (MPV) Analysis: Where MPV Candidates Come From
Oleg Abramov, Alexander Medvedev, Natalia Tomashevskaya
A Global Approach to Point Out Priority Problems Out of Experts’ Qualitative Data
Sébastien Dubois, Hicham Chibane, Lionel Hafer, Sébastien Trillat
Integrated Use of TRIZ Tools in Systematic Conceptual Design
Lorenzo Fiorineschi, Francesco Saverio Frillici, Federico Rotini
Domain Analysis with TRIZ to Define an Effective “Design for Excellence” Framework
Stelian Brad
The Efficient Work with Resources in TRIZ - Resource-Oriented Search (ROS)
Jochen Wessner
Solution Concept Modeling and Evaluation Based on Function-Structure and Behavior Approach in the Context of Inventive Design
Muhammad Irshad YEHYA1, Amadou COULIBALY, Hicham CHIBANE, Remy HOUSSIN


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