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Human Work Interaction Design. Artificial Intelligence and Designing for a Positive Work Experience in a Low Desire Society
Ganesh Bhutkar, Barbara R. Barricelli, Qin Xiangang, Torkil Clemmensen, Frederica Gonçalves, José Abdelnour-Nocera, Arminda Lopes, Fei Lyu, Ronggang Zhou, Wenjun Hou
Front Matter

Trends in Human Work Interaction Design

Drifting Towards a New HCI Field: A Review of 10 Years of HWID Research
Frederica Gonçalves, Torkil Clemmensen, Judith Molka-Danielsen, Pedro Campos
“Organized UX Professionalism” – An Empirical Study and Conceptual Tool for Scrutinizing UX Work of the Future
Torkil Clemmensen, Netta Iivari, Dorina Rajanen, Ashok Sivaji
Research on the Integration of Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Neuroscience
Xiu Miao, Wen-Jun Hou
HCI Four Waves Within Different Interaction Design Examples
Arminda Lopes

Workplace and Work Experience Analysis for Interaction Design

Design and Deployment Considerations for Ethically Advanced Technologies for Human Flourishing in the Workplace
Judith Molka-Danielsen, Jazz Rasool, Carl H. Smith
The Influence of Automation and Culture on Human Cooperation
Xuezun Zhi, Ronggang Zhou
A Socio-technical Framework for Addressing the Influence of Work Time and Income on Work Well Being
Xiangang Qin, Xinchen Wang
Co-designing Prototypes for User Experience and Engagement in Automation
Parisa Saadati, José Abdelnour-Nocera, Torkil Clemmensen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Human Work

Mood-Based Song Recommendation System
Shashwati Tidke, Ganesh Bhutkar, Dnyanal Shelke, Shivani Takale, Shraddha Sadke
Currency Recognition App for Visually Impaired Users in India
Ganesh Bhutkar, Mansi Patil, Deepak Patil, Shivani Mukunde, Rajdeep Shinde, Anamika Rathod


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