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Product Lifecycle Management Enabling Smart X
Felix Nyffenegger, José Ríos, Louis Rivest, Abdelaziz Bouras
Front Matter

Smart Factory

Distributed Scheduling in Cellular Assembly for Mass Customization
Elie Maalouf, Julien Le Duigou, Bassam Hussein, Joanna Daaboul
Smart Learning Factory – Network Approach for Learning and Transfer in a Digital & Physical Set up
Roman Hänggi, Felix Nyffenegger, Frank Ehrig, Peter Jaeschke, Raphael Bernhardsgrütter
Towards a Machine Learning Failure Prediction System Applied to a Smart Manufacturing Process
Tainá Da Rocha, Arthur Beltrame Canciglieri, Anderson Luis Szejka, Leandro Dos Santos Coelho, Osiris Canciglieri Junior
A Method to Gaze Following Detection by Computer Vision Applied to Production Environments
Emannuell Dartora Cenzi, Marcelo Rudek
Towards a Knowledge-Based Design Methodology for Modular Robotic System
Lucas Jimenez, Frédéric Demoly, Sihao Deng, Samuel Gomes
A Lean Quality Control Approach for Additive Manufacturing
Giulia Bruno, Paolo Chiabert, Frederic Segonds, Francesca Sini
Integration of PLM, MES and ERP Systems to Optimize the Engineering, Production and Business
Venkat Sai Avvaru, Giulia Bruno, Paolo Chiabert, Emiliano Traini
Analyses and Study of Human Operator Monotonous Tasks in Small Enterprises in the Era of Industry 4.0
Paolo Chiabert, Khurshid Aliev

Digital Twins

Digital Twin Representations of Concrete Modules in an Interdisciplinary Context of Construction and Manufacturing Industry
Detlef Gerhard, Mario Wolf, Jannick Huxoll, Oliver Vogt
Middle of Life Digital Twin: Implementation at a Learning Factory
Luiz Durão, Matheus Morgado, Roseli De Deus Lopes, Eduardo Zancul
A Complete Digital Chain to Enable the Digital Twin of a Shop Floor
Frédéric Noël, Gülgün Alpan, Fabien Mangione
Implementation of a Digital Twin Starting with a Simulator
Léandre Guitard, Frédéric Noël, Daniel Brissaud
Digital Twin and Product Lifecycle Management: What Is the Difference?
Dmytro Adamenko, Steffen Kunnen, Arun Nagarajah

Internet of Things (IoT, IIoT)

Smart Dust in the Industrial Economic Sector – On Application Cases in Product Lifecycle Management
Manuel Holler, Jens Haarmann, Benjamin Van Giffen, Alejandro German Frank
Smart Manufacturing Testbed for the Advancement of Wireless Adoption in the Factory
Richard Candell, Yongkang Liu, Mohamed Kashef, Karl Montgomery, Sebti Foufou

Analytics in the Order Fulfillment Process

Free Text Customer Requests Analysis: Information Extraction Based on Fuzzy String Comparison
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov, Kathrin Evers, Dirk Weidig
Data Relevance and Sources for Carbon Footprint Calculation in Powertrain Production
Imen Trabelsi , Zolghadri Marc, Besma Zeddini, Maher Barkallah, Mohamed Haddar
FMECA-Based Risk Assessment Approach for Proactive Obsolescence Management
Simon Merschak, Peter Hehenberger, Johann Bachler, Andreas Kogler
i-DATAQUEST: A Proposal for a Manufacturing Data Query System Based on a Graph
Lise Kim, Esma Yahia, Frederic Segonds, Philippe Veron, Antoine Mallet

Ontologies for Interoperability

Supporting Linked Engineering Data Management of Smart Product Systems Through Semantic Platform Services
Jonas Gries, Thomas Eickhoff, Andreas Eiden, Jens Christian Göbel
Ontology Matching for Product Lifecycle Management
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Teslya
An Ontology-Based Concept to Support Information Exchange for Virtual Reality Design Reviews
Stefan Adwernat, Mario Wolf, Detlef Gerhard
Initial Approach to an Industrial Resources Ontology in Aerospace Assembly Lines
Rebeca Arista, Fernando Mas, Carpoforo Vallellano

Tools to Support Early Design Phases

3D Sketching in VR Changing PDM Processes
Carsten Seybold, Frank Mantwill
A Method to Formulate Problem in Initial Analysis of Inventive Design
Masih Hanifi, Hicham Chibane, Remy Houssin, Denis Cavallucci
Using BSC and DEMATEL Method to Construct the Novel Product Concepts Evaluation System
Zhe Huang, Mickaël Gardoni

New Product Development

Conceptual Reference Model for the Product Development Process Oriented by Design for Six Sigma
Marta Gomes Francisco, Osiris Canciglieri Junior, Ângelo Sant’anna
Implementing Secure Modular Design of Configurable Products, a Casestudy
Henk Jan Pels
Addressing Obsolescence from Day One in the Conceptual Phase of Complex Systems as a Design Constraint
Sophia Salas Cordero, Rob Vingerhoeds, Marc Zolghadri, Claude Baron

Business Models

Methodology for Designing a Collaborative Business Model – Case Study Aerospace Cluster
Mélick Proulx, Mickaël Gardoni
Rapid Sales Growth Mechanisms and Profitability for Investment Product Manufacturing SMEs Through Pay-Per-X Business Models
Mikko Uuskoski, Hannu Kärkkäinen, Karan Menon
An Analysis of Flexible Manufacturing on the Support of the Development of Smart Product-Service Systems
Athon M. Leite, Matheus B. Canciglieri, Anderson L. Szejka, Yee Mey Goh, Radmehr P. Monfared, Eduardo De F. R. Loures, Osiris Canciglieri Junior
Startup Definition Proposal Using Product Lifecycle Management
Bernardo Reisdorfer-Leite, Michele Marcos de Oliveira, Marcelo Rudek, Anderson Luis Szejka, Osiris Canciglieri Junior

Circular Economy

Exploring How Design Can Contribute to Circular Economy Through Design for X Approaches
Claudio Sassanelli, Paolo Rosa, Sergio Terzi
An Innovative Methodology to Optimize Aerospace Eco-efficiency Assembly Processes
Manuel Oliva, Fernando Mas, Ignacio Eguia, Carmelo Del Valle, Emanuel J. Lourenço, Antonio J. Baptista
A Disassembly Line Design Approach for Management of End-of-Life Product Quality
Mohand Lounes Bentaha, Néjib Moalla, Yacine Ouzrout
Towards a Data Classification Model for Circular Product Life Cycle Management
Federica Acerbi, Marco Taisch

Maturity Implementation and Adoption

Preliminary Analysis of the Behavioural Intention to Use a Risk Analysis Dashboard Through the Technology Acceptance Model
Jean-Marc Vasnier, Nicolas Maranzana, Norlaily Yaacob, Mourad Messaadia, Ameziane Aoussat
Challenges of Integrating Social Lifecycle Sustainability Assessment into Product Lifecycle Management - State of the Art
Jing Lin, Clotilde Rohleder, Selmin Nurcan
A Comprehensive Maturity Model for Assessing the Product Lifecycle
Philipp Pfenning, Hannes Christian Eibinger, Clotilde Rohleder, Martin Eigner
PLM Functionalities in the Fashion Industry. Preliminary Results of a Classification Framework
Virginia Fani, Romeo Bandinelli, Bianca Bindi
Cross Industrial PLM Benchmarking Using Maturity Models
Philipp Steck, Felix Nyffenegger, Helen Vogt, Roman Hänggi
A Knowledge-Based Approach for PLM Implementation Using Modular Benefits Dependency Networks
Bas Koomen
Enterprise Architecture Method for Continuous Improvement of PLM Based on Process Mining
Eugen Rigger, Thomas Vosgien, Samuel Bitrus, Piroska Szabo, Benoit Eynard
Blockchains: A Conceptual Assessment from a Product Lifecycle Implementation Perspective
Abdelhak Belhi, Abdelaziz Bouras, M.K. Patel, B. Aouni

Model Based Systems Engineering

Analysis of MBSE/PLM Integration: From Conceptual Design to Detailed Design
Yaroslav Menshenin, Dominik Knoll, Yana Brovar, Clement Fortin
Issues on Introducing Model-Based Definition - Case of Manufacturing Ecosystem
Pekka Uski, Antti Pulkkinen, Lasse Hillman, Asko Ellman
A New Agile Hybridization Approach and a Set of Related Guidelines for Mechatronic Product Development
Sagar Mule, Regis Plateaux, Peter Hehenberger, Olivia Penas, Stanislao Patalano, Ferdinando Vitolo
A Study of Behavior and State Representation Methods in Modern PLM Systems
Petr Mukhachev, Clement Fortin

Artificial Intelligence in CAx, MBE, and PLM

Data Analytics and Application Challenges in the Childrenswear Market - A Case Study in Greece
Evridiki Papachristou, Nikolaos Bilalis
Trusted Artificial Intelligence: On the Use of Private Data
Norbert Jastroch
Real-Time Detection of Eating Activity in Elderly People with Dementia Using Face Alignment and Facial Landmarks
Mhamed Nour, Mickaël Gardoni, Jean Renaud, Serge Gauthier
Participative Method to Identify Data-Driven Design Use Cases
Simon Rädler, Eugen Rigger
PLM Migration in the Era of Big Data and IoT: Analysis of Information System and Data Topology
Piers Barrios, François Loison, Christophe Danjou, Benoit Eynard

Building Information Modelling

A Quantitative Evaluation Framework for the Benefit of Building Information Modeling for Small and Medium Enterprises Leveraging Risk Management Concepts
Christoph Paul Schimanski, Giada Malacarne, Gabriele Pasetti Monizza, Dominik T. Matt
Cross-Pollination as a Comparative Analysis Approach to Comparing BIM and PLM: A Literature Review
Hamidreza Pourzarei, Louis Rivest, Conrad Boton
Enhancement of BIM Data Representation in Product-Process Modelling for Building Renovation
Janakiram Karlapudi, Karsten Menzel, Seppo Törmä, Andriy Hryshchenko, Prathap Valluru
Towards AR/VR Maturity Model Adapted to the Building Information Modeling
Ahlem Assila, Djaoued Beladjine, Mourad Messaadia
Developing BIM Thinking: Fundamental Objectives and Characteristics of BIM to Think Critically About in BIM Research and Implementation
Vishal Singh

Industrial Technical Contributions

Engineering IT Management on End-to-End PLM Structure in Automotive Sector
Kaan Doga Ozgenturk, Buse Isil Elmali, Semih Otles
Continuous Engineering Through ALM-PLM Integration
Purnima Rao, Kandhasami Palaniappan


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