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Information Security Education – Towards a Cybersecure Society
Lynette Drevin, Marianthi Theocharidou
Front Matter

Information Security Learning Techniques

A Design for a Collaborative Make-the-Flag Exercise
Matt Bishop
ForenCity: A Playground for Self-Motivated Learning in Computer Forensics
Frans Blauw, Wai Leung
Developing Hands-On Laboratory Works for the “Information Security Incident Management” Discipline
Natalia Miloslavskaya, Alexander Tolstoy
A Pilot Study in Cyber Security Education Using CyberAIMs: A Simulation-Based Experiment
Erjon Zoto, Stewart Kowalski, Christopher Frantz, Edgar Lopez-Rojas, Basel Katt

Information Security Training and Awareness

Towards Educational Guidelines for the Security Systems Engineer
Suné Solms, Annlizé Marnewick
The Feasibility of Raising Information Security Awareness in an Academic Environment Using SNA
Rudi Serfontein, Lynette Drevin, Hennie Kruger
Factors Influencing Smartphone Application Downloads
Wiehan Janse van Rensburg, Kerry-Lynn Thomson, Lynn Futcher

Information Security Courses and Curricula

A MOOC on Privacy by Design and the GDPR
Simone Fischer-Hübner, Leonardo Martucci, Lothar Fritsch, Tobias Pulls, Sebastian Herold, Leonardo Iwaya, Stefan Alfredsson, Albin Zuccato
Forming the Abilities of Designing Information Security Maintenance Systems in the Implementation of Educational Programmes in Information Security
Vladimir Budzko, Natalia Miloslavskaya, Alexander Tolstoy
Identifying the Cybersecurity Body of Knowledge for a Postgraduate Module in Systems Engineering
Sune Solms, Lynn Futcher
A National Certification Programme for Academic Degrees in Cyber Security
Steven Furnell, Michael K, Fred Piper, Chris E, Catherine H, Chris Ensor


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