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Table of Contents
Stakeholders and Information Technology in Education
Torsten Brinda, Nicholas Mavengere, Ilkka Haukijärvi, Cathy Lewin, Don Passey
Front Matter

Computer Studies - Developing Practices and Involving Stakeholders

Fathers and Male Guardians Are Important Stakeholders in Children’s Education: Do Lego Building and Scratch-like Programming Activities Hold a Key to Involving Them More?
Don Passey, Gavin Hawkins, Darren Clift
Measuring an Impact of Block-Based Language in Introductory Programming
Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Yoshiki Tanaka, Sanshiro Sakai
Curriculum Issues, Competence Models and Informatics Education in Austrian Secondary Schools: Challenges Now and Ahead
Peter Micheuz
Modelling Competency in the Field of OOP: From Investigating Computer Science Curricula to Developing Test Items
Matthias Kramer, David Tobinski, Torsten Brinda
Introducing Collaborative Practices to Undergraduate Studies
Jaana Holvikivi, Minna Lakkala, Hanni Muukkonen

Teacher Education - Key Stakeholder Practices

Introducing Blended Learning MOOC – A Study of One bMOOC in Norwegian Teacher Education
Inger Langseth, Halvdan Haugsbakken
cMOOC: How to Assist Teachers in Integrating Motivational Aspects in Pedagogical Scenarios?
Aicha Bakki, Lahcen Oubahssi, Chihab Cherkaoui, Sébastien George
Using Images as a Stimulus to Explore the Identity of Student Teachers in Computing
Eleanor Overland

Developments in Educational Management

Datafication in Education: A Multi-Level Challenge for IT in Educational Management
Andreas Breiter
IT in Educational Management: Can it Support Solution of e-Cheating Problem?
R. Gajewski
Business Process Management (BPM) and e-Government: An Experience at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC)
Pablo Hernández-Bolaños, Jorge Rodríguez-Díaz
Alternative Ways of Involving Stakeholders: The Rise of Entrepreneurism in Higher Education and the Case of a Learning Enterprise
Ana-Paula Correia
Vingt Ans Après: Analysis of WG 3.7’s Published Work on Information Technology in Educational Management (1994–2014)
Javier Osorio, Julia Nieves

Information and Communication Technologies for Social and National Development

Digital Pedagogy for Enhanced Social Qualities, Collaborative Processes and Quality of Learning
Nicholas Mavengere, Mikko Ruohonen
Exploring the Information and ICT Skills of Health Professionals in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Annariina Koivu, Nicholas Mavengere, Mikko. Ruohonen, Lucy Hederman, Jane Grimson
An ICT Model to Enhance Teaching and Learning in a Resource Constrained Setting: A Case of Malawi
Richard Pankomera, Darelle Greunen
The Project Case: A West African Digital University
Adewunmi Ogunbase, Roope Raisamo


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