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Technological Innovation for Cloud-Based Engineering Systems
Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Thais A. Baldissera, Giovanni Di Orio, Francisco Marques (Eds.)
Front Matter


Towards Cloud-Based Engineering Systems
João Martins, Luis Camarinha-Matos, João Goes, Luis Gomes

Collaborative Networks

Dealing with the Alignment of Strategies Within the Collaborative Networked Partners
Beatriz Andres, Raul Poler
The Need of Performance Indicators for Collaborative Business Ecosystems
Paula Graça, Luis Camarinha-Matos
Negotiation Environment and Protocols for Collaborative Service Design
Ana Oliveira, Luis Camarinha-Matos
An Emotional Support System for Collaborative Networks
Filipa Ferrada, Luis Camarinha-Matos
Trust-Based Access Control in Storage Middleware Grids: A Reference Framework Proposal to Deploy in the Financial Sector
Francisco Nunes, Henrique O’neill

Cloud-Based Manufacturing

Service Composition in the Cloud-Based Manufacturing Focused on the Industry 4.0
Marcos Pisching, Fabrício Junqueira, Diolino Filho, Paulo Miyagi
Cloud-Based Framework for Practical Model-Checking of Industrial Automation Applications
Sandeep Patil, Dmitrii Drozdov, Victor Dubinin, Valeriy Vyatkin
A Cloud-Based Infrastructure to Support Manufacturing Resources Composition
Giovanni Orio, Diogo Barata, André Rocha, José Barata

Reconfigurable Manufacturing

Modeling of Mechanisms for Reconfigurable and Distributed Manufacturing Control System
Robson Silva, Edson Watanabe, Maurício Blos, Fabrício Junqueira, Diolino Santos Filho, Paulo Miyagi
PRIME as a Generic Agent Based Framework to Support Pluggability and Reconfigurability Using Different Technologies
André Rocha, Diogo Barata, Giovanni Orio, Tiago Santos, José Barata
The Migration from Conventional Manufacturing Systems for Multi-Agent Paradigm: the First Step
João Peixoto, José Oliveira, André Rocha, Carlos Pereira

Distributed Computing

Experimental Assessment of Cloud Software Dependability Using Fault Injection
Lena Herscheid, Daniel Richter, Andreas Polze
Usability of Scientific Workflow in Dynamically Changing Environment
Anna Bánáti, Eszter Kail, Péter Kacsuk, Miklos Kozlovszky
Graph-Transformational Swarms with Stationary Members
Larbi Abdenebaoui, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Sabine Kuske

Embedded Systems

Analysis and Generation of Logical Signals for Discrete Events Behavioral Modeling
Rogério Campos-Rebelo, Anikó Costa, Luis Gomes
EmbedCloud – Design and Implementation Method of Distributed Embedded Systems
Kazimierz Krzywicki, Marian Adamski, Grzegorz Andrzejewski
Cloud Based IOPT Petri Net Simulator to Test and Debug Embedded System Controllers
Fernando Pereira, Luis Gomes

Perception and Signal Processing

Improved Denoising with Robust Fitting in the Wavelet Transform Domain
Adrienn Dineva, Annamária Várkonyi-Kóczy, József Tar
Selection of Large-Scale 3D Point Cloud Data Using Gesture Recognition
Robin Burgess, António J. Falcão, Tiago Fernandes, Rita A. Ribeiro, Miguel Gomes, Alberto Krone-Martins, André Moitinho de Almeida
Context Classifier for Service Robots
Tiago Ferreira, Fábio Miranda, Pedro Sousa, José Barata, João Pimentão
Distributed RSS-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks with Node Selection Mechanism
Slavisa Tomic, Marko Beko, Rui Dinis, Goran Dimic, Milan Tuba

Signal Processing in Medicine

Continuous Speech Classification Systems for Voice Pathologies Identification
Hugo Cordeiro, Carlos Meneses, José Fonseca
3D Human Scanning Solution for Medical Measurements
Balázs Sütő, Zsolt Könnyű, Zsolt Tölgyesi, Tibor Skala, Imre Rudas, Miklos Kozlovszky
Semi-Automated Quantitative Validation Tool for Medical Image Processing Algorithm Development
Viktor Jonas, Miklos Kozlovszky, Bela Molnar
High Resolution Digital Tissue Image Processing using Texture Image Databases
Gábor Kiss, Orsolya Cseri, Ádám Altsach, István Bándi, Levente Kovács, Miklos Kozlovszky

Smart Monitoring Systems

Georeferenced Dynamic Event Handling
Sérgio Onofre, João Pimentão, Pedro Sousa
Implementation of User-Oriented Smart Services into an Innovative DC Low Voltage Net
Manja Görner, Thomas Göschel, Stephan Kassel, Thomas Klein, Sabrina Sander
Light Memory Operation Based on a Double Pin SiC Device
V. Silva, M. Barata, M. Vieira, P. Louro, M. Vieira
Brain Inspired Health Monitoring Supported by the Cloud
Fernando Luis-Ferreira, Sudeep Ghimire, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves

Renewable Energy

Optimal Generation Scheduling of Wind-CSP Systems in Day-Ahead Electricity Markets
H. Pousinho, P. Freire, J. Esteves, V. Mendes, C. Pereira Cabrita, M. Collares-Pereira
Influence of Large Renewable Energy Integration on Insular Grid Code Compliance
Eduardo Rodrigues, Radu Godina, Tiago Mendes, João Matias, João Catalão
Optimal Behavior of Demand Response Aggregators in Providing Balancing and Ancillary Services in Renewable-Based Power Systems
E. Heydarian-Forushani, M. Golshan, M. Shafie-Khah, João Catalão
A Heuristic Approach for Economic Dispatch Problem in Insular Power Systems
G. Osório, J. Lujano-Rojas, João Matias, João Catalão

Energy: Management

Experimental Wireless Wattmeter for Home Energy Management Systems
Eduardo Rodrigues, T. Caramelo, Tiago Mendes, Radu Godina, João Catalão
Use of Web Based Meters to Improve Energy Efficiency and Power Quality in Buildings
Licínio Moreira, Sérgio Leitão, Zita Vale, João Galvão
A Model-Based Approach for Resource Constrained Devices Energy Test and Simulation
Edgar Silva, Luis Gomes, João Rodrigues, Pedro Maló

Energy: Improvement

Analysis of Causes and Effects of Harmonic Distortion in Electric Power Systems and Solutions to Comply with International Standards Regarding Power Quality
Mercedes Ruiz-Cortés, María Milanés-Montero, Fermín Barrero-González, Enrique Romero-Cadaval
Risk Analysis and Behavior of Electricity Portfolio Aggregator
Eduardo Eusébio, Jorge Sousa, Mário Ventim Neves
Combined Operation of an Unified Power Quality Conditioner and a Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System for Power Quality Improvement
Nuno Amaro, Luís Casimiro, João Pina, João Martins, José Ceballos

Energy: Decision Support

Offering Strategies of Wind Power Producers in a Day-Ahead Electricity Market
R. Laia, H. Pousinho, R. Melício, V. Mendes, M. Collares-Pereira
New Multi-objective Decision Support Methodology to Solve Problems of Reconfiguration in the Electric Distribution Systems
Sérgio Santos, Nikolaos Paterakis, João Catalão
Cloud-Based Decision Support Ecosystem for Renewable Energy Providers
Ioana Stănescu, Antoniu Ştefan, Florin Filip

Energy: Simulation

Development of a Simulink Model of a Saturated Cores Superconducting Fault Current Limiter
Nuno Vilhena, Pedro Arsénio, João Murta-Pina, Anabela Pronto, Alfredo Álvarez
Simulation of a-Si PV System Linked to the Grid by DC Boost and Three-Level Inverter Under Cloud Scope
L. Fialho, R. Melício, V. Mendes, M. Collares-Pereira
Modeling Reserve Ancillary Service as Virtual Energy Carrier in Multi-Energy Systems
M. Damavandi, Mohsen Moghaddam, M.-R. Haghifam, M. Shafie-Khah, João Catalão
Simulation of Offshore Wind System with Three-Level Converters: HVDC Power Transmission in Cloud Scope
M. Seixas, R. Melício, V. Mendes, M. Collares-Pereira, M. Santos

Energy: Power Conversion I

Disc Motor with Rotor Made of Aluminium or Polycrystalline High Temperature Superconductor
David Inácio, João Pina, Mário Neves, Alfredo Álvarez
Investigation of the Tesla Transformer as a Device for One-Wire Power and Signaling and as a Device for Power and Signaling Through the Ground
Kaloyan Mihaylov, Rui Neves-Medeiros, Rumen Arnaudov, Stanimir Valtchev
Experimental Magnetic Field Mapping of a Polycrystalline Superconducting YBCO Disc for an Axial Flux Motor
David Inácio, João Pina, José Ceballos, Mário Neves, Alfredo Álvarez

Energy: Power Conversion II

Analysis of a Multi-Ratio Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter for a Supercapacitor Power Supply
Hugo Serra, Ricardo Madeira, Nuno Paulino
A Piezoelectric Device for Measurement and Power Harvesting Applications
M. Alves, J. Dias Pereira, J. Fonseca
Design of High Voltage Full-Bridge Inverter Using Marx Derived Switches
Nelson Santos, J. Silva, Vasco Soares, Sónia Pinto, Duarte Sousa
Stable Integration of Power Electronics-Based DG Links to the Utility Grid with Interfacing Impedance Uncertainties
S. Kazem Hoseini, Edris Pouresmaeil, Jafar Adabi, João Catalão



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