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Environmental Software Systems. Infrastructures, Services and Applications
Ralf Denzer, Robert Argent, Gerald Schimak, Jiří Hřebíček
Front matter

Keynotes and Context Articles

A Provenance Maturity Model
Kerry Taylor, Robert Woodcock, Susan Cuddy, Peter Thew, David Lemon
Challenges in Modelling of Environmental Semantics
Ioannis Athanasiadis
Topics in Environmental Software Systems
Ralf Denzer
The Framework for Environmental Software Systems of the European Environment Agency
Jiří Hřebíček, Stefan Jensen, Chris Steenmans
Crowdsourcing in Crisis and Disaster Management – Challenges and Considerations
Gerald Schimak, Denis Havlik, Jasmin Pielorz
Evolution of Environmental Information Models
Katharina Schleidt

Information Systems, Information Modelling and Semantics

An Interactive Website for the River Eurajoki
Ari Jolma, Anne-Mari Ventelä, Marjo Tarvainen, Teija Kirkkala
An Information Model for a Water Information Platform
Pascal Dihé, Ralf Denzer, Sascha Schlobinski
Towards Linked Data Conventions for Delivery of Environmental Data Using netCDF
Jonathan Yu, Nicholas Car, Adam Leadbetter, Bruce Simons, Simon Cox
Information Technology and Solid Residue Management: A Case of Study Using Freeware and Social Networks
José Camargo, Estéfano Veraszto, Adriano Lopes, Tainá Bimbati
Joining the Dots: Using Linked Data to Navigate between Features and Observational Data
Robert Atkinson, Peter Taylor, Geoffrey Squire, Nicholas Car, Darren Smith, Mark Menzel
An SMS and Email Weather Warning System for Sheep Producers
Anna Weeks, Malcolm Mccaskill, Matthew Cox, Subhash Sharma
The Emergency Response Intelligence Capability Tool
Robert Power, Bella Robinson, Catherine Wise, David Ratcliffe, Geoffrey Squire, Michael Compton
Civic Issues Reporting and Involvement of Volunteers as a Phenomenon in the Czech Republic
Miroslav Kubásek
Mobile Field Data Collection for Post Bushfire Analysis and African Farmers
Bradley Lane, Nicholas Car, Justin Leonard, Felix Lipkin, Anders Siggins
Provenance in Systems for Situation Awareness in Environmental Monitoring
Markus Stocker, Mauno Rönkkö, Mikko Kolehmainen

Decision Support Tools and Systems

Decision Making and Strategic Planning for Disaster Preparedness with a Multi-Criteria-Analysis Decision Support System
Sascha Schlobinski, Giulio Zuccaro, Martin Scholl, Daniel Meiers, Ralf Denzer, Sergio Guarino, Wolf Engelbach, Kuldar Taveter, Steven Frysinger
A Cotton Irrigator’s Decision Support System and Benchmarking Tool Using National, Regional and Local Data
Jamie Vleeshouwer, Nicholas Car, John Hornbuckle
Water Pollution Reduction: Reverse Combinatorial Auctions Modelling Supporting Decision-Making Processes
Petr Šauer, Petr Fiala, Antonín Dvořák
Scenario Planning Case Studies Using Open Government Data
Robert Power, Bella Robinson, Lachlan Rudd, Andrew Reeson
Training Support for Crisis Managers with Elements of Serious Gaming
Denis Havlik, Oren Deri, Kalev Rannat, Manuel Warum, Chaim Rafalowski, Kuldar Taveter, Peter Kutschera, Merik Meriste
A Software System for the Discovery of Situations Involving Drivers in Storms
Markus Stocker, Okko Kauhanen, Mikko Hiirsalmi, Janne Saarela, Pekka Rossi, Mauno Rönkkö, Harri Hytönen, Ville Kotovirta, Mikko Kolehmainen

Modelling and Simulation Systems

An Application Framework for the Rapid Deployment of Ocean Models in Support of Emergency Services: Application to the MH370 Search
Uwe Rosebrock, Peter Oke, Gary Carroll
Exposure Modeling of Traffic and Wood Combustion Emissions in Northern Sweden
Lars Gidhagen, Cecilia Bennet, David Segersson, Gunnar Omstedt
Medium-Term Analysis of Agroecosystem Sustainability under Different Land Use Practices by Means of Dynamic Crop Simulation
Sergey Medvedev, Alex Topaj, Vladimir Badenko, Vitalij Terleev
SPARK – A Bushfire Spread Prediction Tool
Claire Miller, James Hilton, Andrew Sullivan, Mahesh Prakash
Construction of a Bio-economic Model to Estimate the Feasibility and Cost of Achieving Water Quality Targets in the Burnett-Mary Region, Queensland
Craig Beverly, Anna Roberts, Geoff Park, Fred Bennett, Graeme Doole
Integrating Hydrodynamic and Hydraulic Modeling for Evaluating Future Flood Mitigation in Urban Environments
Mahesh Prakash, James Hilton, Lalitha Ramachandran
Modelling of Air Flow Analysis for Residential Homes Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Rajiv Pratap, Ramesh Rayudu, Manfred Plagmann
Open Data Sources for the Development of Mobile Applications and Forecast of Microbial Contamination in Bathing Waters
Gianluca Correndo, Zoheir Sabeur
Ecohydrology Models without Borders?
Brian Miles, Lawrence Band

Architectures, Infrastructures, Platforms and Services

A Distributed Computing Workflow for Modelling Environmental Flows in Complex Terrain
Stuart Mead, Mahesh Prakash, Christina Magill, Matt Bolger, Jean-Claude Thouret
An Integrated Workflow Architecture for Natural Hazards, Analytics and Decision Support
James Hilton, Claire Miller, Matt Bolger, Lachlan Hetherton, Mahesh Prakash
Quality Control of Environmental Measurement Data with Quality Flagging
Mauno Rönkkö, Okko Kauhanen, Markus Stocker, Harri Hytönen, Ville Kotovirta, Esko Juuso, Mikko Kolehmainen
Towards a Search Driven System Architecture for Environmental Information Portals
Thorsten Schlachter, Clemens Düpmeier, Oliver Kusche, Christian Schmitt, Wolfgang Schillinger
National Environmental Data Facilities and Services of the Czech Republic and Their Use in Environmental Economics
Jana Soukopová, Jiří Hřebíček, Jiří Valta
A Best of Both Worlds Approach to Complex, Efficient, Time Series Data Delivery
Benjamin Leighton, Simon Cox, Nicholas Car, Matthew Stenson, Jamie Vleeshouwer, Jonathan Hodge
Implementing a Glossary and Vocabulary Service in an Interdisciplinary Environmental Assessment for Decision Makers
Simon Gallant, Rebecca Schmidt, Nicholas Car

Requirements, Software Engineering and Software Tools

Requirement Engineering for Emergency Simulations
Alena Oulehlová, Jiří Barta, Hana Malachová, Jiří Urbánek
Requirements Engineering for Semantic Sensors in Crisis and Disaster Management
Bojan Božić, Mert Gençtürk, Refiz Duro, Yildiray Kabak, Gerald Schimak
Context Ontology Modelling for Improving Situation Awareness and Crowd Evacuation from Confined Spaces
Gianluca Correndo, Banafshe Arbab-Zavar, Zlatko Zlatev, Zoheir Sabeur
Reconstructing the Carbon Dioxide Absorption Patterns of World Oceans Using a Feed-Forward Neural Network: Software Implementation and Employment Techniques
Jiye Zeng, Hideaki Nakajima, Yukihiro Nojiri, Shin-Ichiro Nakaoka
Three Levels of R Language Involvement in Global Monitoring Plan Warehouse Architecture
Jiří Kalina, Richard Hůlek, Jana Borůvkova, Jiří Jarkovský, Jana Klánová, Ladislav Dušek
Process Design Patterns in Emergency Management
Tomáš Ludík, Tomáš Pitner

Analytics and Visualization

Advanced Data Analytics and Visualisation for the Management of Human Perception of Safety and Security in Urban Spaces
Panos Melas, Gianluca Correndo, Lee Middleton, Zoheir Sabeur
Combined Aggregation and Column Generation for Land-Use Trade-Off Optimisation
Asef Nazari, Andreas Ernst, Simon Dunstall, Brett Bryan, Jeff Connor, Martin Nolan, Florian Stock
A Software Package for Automated Partitioning of Catchments
Ralf Denzer, Tobias Kalmes, Udo Gauer
Understanding Connectivity between Groundwater Chemistry Data and Geological Stratigraphy via 3D Sub-surface Visualization and Analysis
Jane Hunter, Andre Gebers, Lucy Reading, Sue Vink
Distributed Minimum Temperature Prediction Using Mixtures of Gaussian Processes
Sergio Hernández, Philip Sallis
A Framework for Optimal Assessment of Planning Investments in Urban Water Systems
Rodolfo García-Flores, Magnus Moglia, David Marlow
Measuring and Benchmarking Corporate Environmental Performance
Marie Dočekalová, Alena Kocmanová, Jana Hornungová
GeneralBlock: A C++ Program for Identifying and Analyzing Rock Blocks Formed by Finite-Sized Fractures
Lu Xia, Qingchun Yu, Youhua Chen, Maohua Li, Guofu Xue, Deji Chen
On the Volume of Geo-referenced Tweets and Their Relationship to Events Relevant for Migration Tracking
Georg Neubauer, Hermann Huber, Armin Vogl, Bettina Jager, Alexander Preinerstorfer, Stefan Schirnhofer, Gerald Schimak, Denis Havlik
Benchmarking Systems and Methods for Environmental Performance Models
Zuzana Chvátalová, Jiří Hřebíček, Oldřich Trenz

High Performance Computing and BigData

Scalability of Global 0.25° Ocean Simulations Using MOM
Marshall Ward, Yuanyuan Zhang
A Performance Assessment of the Unified Model
Dale Roberts, Mark Cheeseman
The Czech e-Infrastructure and the European Grid Infrastructure Perspective
Ludek Matyska
The NCI High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Platform to Support the Analysis of Petascale Environmental Data Collections
Ben Evans, Lesley Wyborn, Tim Pugh, Chris Allen, Joseph Antony, Kashif Gohar, David Porter, Jon Smillie, Claire Trenham, Jingbo Wang, Alex Ip, Gavin Bell
Big Data Architecture for Environmental Analytics
Ritaban Dutta, Cecil Li, Daniel Smith, Aruneema Das, Jagannath Aryal
A Performance Study of Applications in the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator
Mark Cheeseman, Ben Evans, Dale Roberts, Marshall Ward
A New Approach for Coupled Regional Climate Modeling Using More than 10,000 Cores
Marcus Thatcher, John Mcgregor, Martin Dix, Jack Katzfey


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