IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

6. EUNICE 2000: Enschede, the Netherlands

Innovative Internet Applications, 6th Eunice Open European Summer School, EUNICE 2000, Enschede, the Netherlands, September 13-15, 2000

Aiko Pras

Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT), University of Twente (UT), ISBN: 978-9-036-51498-9


Session 1: World Wide Web

Architecture and implementation of a new user interface for Internet search engines

Fidel Cacheda, Alberto Pan, Lucía Ardao, Ángel Viña


Analysis of web traffic and users' behaviour modeling during busy hour

Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Andrew Krendzel


In-kernel mechanisms for adaptive control of overloaded web servers

Thiemo Voigt, Renu Tewari, Ashish Mehra


Session 2: Methods and Architectures

Access network independent service control system for streambased services

Rami Lehtonen, Jarmo Harju


Application and service development using UML and SDL

Christian Schwingenschlögl, Stefan Schönauer


The design of a flexibly interworking distributed message-based framework

Bilhanan Silverajan, Ilkka Karvinen, Janne Mäkihonka, Jarmo Harju


Session 3: Tele-Education

Candle: an European E-Education project to improve the teaching on the Internet

LLuís Gutierrez, Jodok Batlogg, Rolv Braek, Yvon Kermarreck, Chris Fowler, Lionel Sacks, Joachim Wetterling


Design of a Multimedia Lecture Hall for TeleEducation and Videoconferencing

Andrea Bör


JAVA based talking faces for advanced web user interfaces

Carlo Bonamico, Roberto Pockaj


Session 4: Quality of Service

Issues on QoS based routing in the integrated services Internet

Gábor Rétvári


A framework for QoS and mobility in the Internet Next Generation

Vlora Rexhepi, Georgios Karagiannis, Geert Heijenk


Quality of Service monitoring in IP networks by using two-way active measurements

TamásVarga, András Oláh


A scalable QoS adaptation service for mobile multimedia applications

Cristian Hesselman, Henk Eertink


Session 5: Service Discovery

A comparison of service discovery protocols and implementation of the service location protocol

Christian Bettstetter, Christoph Renner


Development of a service discovery architecture for the bluetooth radio system

Christian Schwingenschlögl, Anton Heigl


Comparison of different neural network based multi-user detectors

Gábor Jeney, ános Levendovszky, Sándor Imre, László Pap


Session 6: Multicasting

MADSH: a new solution for IP multicast address allocation

Krisztián Kiss


A new architecture for sparse-mode inter-domain multicasting

Jean-Jacques Pansiot, Abdelghani Alloui, Thomas Noel, Dominique Grad


Session 7: Management

Domain Based Metering

Róbert Párhonyi, Bert-Jan van Beijnum


Server concept for user driven management of networked multimedia applications

Thomas Merz, Andrea Bör


Managing security in object-based distributed systems using Ponder

Nicodemos Damianou, Naranker Dulay, Emil Lupu, Morris Sloman


Policy-based network management with SNMP

Szabolcs Boros


Session 8: Multi-Media

Multimedia conferencing: what cost to users?

Gillian M. Wilson


Self-similar traffic in a commercial video-on-demand system

David Rincón, Glòria Ferrer, Xavier Hernández


Dynamic thematic articles for on-line newspaper

Sébastien Iksal


Session 9: Mobility

The IP micro mobility approach

Bernd Gloss, Christian Hauser


Routing management application based in mobile agents on the internet2

Angélica Reyes, Ernesto Sánchez, Antonio Barba


Analysis of broadband cellular networks with variable bit-rate connections

Péter Fazekas, Sándor Imre, Miklós Telek


Toward internet-based car communications: on some systems architecture and protocol aspects

Cristian Bettstetter