IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

5. SustainIT 2017: Funchal, Portugal

5th IFIP Conference on Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability, SustainIT 2017, Funchal, Portugal, December 6-7, 2017

Lucas Pereira, Mario Bergés, Nuno Nunes

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-901882-99-9


Papers 1: Energy Efficient Households

Effectiveness of a Task-based Residential Energy Efficiency Program in Oahu

Hessam Mohammadmoradi, Omprakash Gnawali, David Moss, Rainer Boelzle


Methodology for Managing Cost-Effective Demand Response Campaigns Based on Demand Elasticity Profiles

Angeliki Anastopoulou, Costas Kalogiros, George Stamoulis


The Energy Piggy Bank - A Serious Game for Learning about Household Energy Conservation

Björn Hedin, Erik Markström


Papers 2: Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Developing and Evaluating a Probabilistic Event Detector for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Lucas Pereira


Adaptive Load Signature Coding for Electrical Appliance Monitoring over Low-Bandwidth Communication Channels

Andreas Reinhardt


Handling imbalance in extended PLAID dataset

Leen De Baets, Jingkun Gao, Chris Develder, Tom Dhaene, Mario Bergés, Dirk Deschrijver


Papers 3: Sustainable Internet and ICT

Engineering and Deploying a Hardware and Software Platform to Collect and Label Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Datasets

Lucas Pereira, Miguel Ribeiro, Nuno Nunes


Sustainability in Software Engineering

Nina Wolfram, Patricia Lago, Francesco Osborne


Minimization of Energy Consumption in IP/SDN Hybrid Networks using Genetic Algorithms

Jaime Galán-Jiménez


Papers 4: Sustainability in Open and Public Spaces

Enhancing Sustainable Mobility Awareness by Exploiting Multi-sourced Data: the Case Study of the Madeira Islands

Catia Prandi, Nuno Nunes, Miguel Ribeiro, Valentina Nisi


Forecasting the Flow of Urban Pollution with Cellular Automata

Sukanya Benjavanitch, Ziauddin Ursani, David Corne


Designing Cooling Stations for Food Sharing in Public Spaces

Margit Pohl, Elisabeth Weißenböck, Siegfried Gemballa, Robert Wauschek, Maria Kalleitner-Huber, Gabriele Mraz, Gabriele Bernhofer


Work in Progress

Sustainable technology results for sewage networks in smart cities

Antoni Grau, Yolanda Bolea, Alberto Sanfeliu, Josep Casanovas


LCAFDB – A Crowdsourced Life Cycle Assessment Database for Food

Björn Hedin


Visualizing Carbon Footprint from School Meals

Björn Hedin


Characterization of Skin Patterns in Pseudoplatystoma Magdaleniatum

Gabriel Lozano, Diego Hernández, Nadya Chaves, Mauricio Valderrama, Jóse Mojica, Francisco Gómez Jaramillo


Energy Weight: Tangible Interface for Increasing Energy Literacy

Jorge Luis Zapico, Björn Hedin


A Mouse over a Hotspot Survey: An exploration of perceptions of electricity consumption and patterns of indecision

Lucas Pereira, Yoram Chisik


Studying the Immediacy of the Eco-Feedback Through Plug Level Consumption Information

Filipe Quintal, Mary Barreto, Fábio Luis, Vitor Baptista, Augusto Esteves


Using Shopping Data to Design Sustainable Consumer Apps

Gunnar Stevens, Paul Boss Auer, Thomas Neifer, Stefan Hanschke


A Self-adaptive Framework for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Mobile Applications

Fahimeh Alizadeh Moghaddam, Mario Simaremare, Patricia Lago, Paola Grosso


A VR Game to Teach Underwater Sustainability while Diving

Licia Calvi, Carlos P. Santos, Joey Relouw, Bojan Endrovski, Chris Rothwell, Antonio Sarà, Marco Palma, Ubaldo Pantaleo



ViTFlow: a platform to visualize tourists flows in a rich interactive map-based interface

Diogo Redin, Diogo Vilela, Nuno Nunes, Miguel Ribeiro, Catia Prandi


Creative and Artistic Interventions

Há-Vita: a participatory platform about Madeira’s nature and culture

Cláudia Silva, Ana Bettencourt, Deborah Castro, Dina Dionisio, Duarte Teixeira, Valentina Nisi


PhD Forum

Gamification of Persuasive Systems for Sustainability

Tobias Nyström